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Nick The Record Remixes

  • Cat No: NH001
  • 2023-01-27


12inch2150 JPY

NICK THE RECORDが始動するニューレーベル<NATURAL HOUSE>の第1弾リリース!

ベルギーのモダンアフロ〜クロスオーヴァー集団<LEMONADE>レーベルから現れた、アフリカン〜ハイライフ・プロジェクト・STUDIO 58による7インチに収録されていた、底抜けな陽気さとグルーヴィーな演奏で楽園へと誘う”Birds Of Paradise (Nick The Record Remix)”(samole1)、ブルキナファソ出身の女性シンガー・MANDJOU KONEによる'09年リリース12インチから、トーキングドラムと歌うようなバラフォンの二重奏にパワフルなビートで次元を超えていく”Wamian (Nick The Record Remix)”(sample2)、SOUL ASCENDANTSから貫かれているアフロミュージックへの熱い信条が伝わるエクスクルーシヴな2リミックスをカップリング!

DJ, Edit entrepreneur - Record Mission Records & Record dealer Nick The Record is adding another tab to his busy Calendar with the launch of a new label Natural House for showcasing new material & remixes.

Studio 58's "Birds Of Paradise" is a place where Highlife meets House with a smile wider than its face. Mandjou Kone hailing from Burkina Faso gives us "Wamian" which is perfectly pulled into the heart of the dance floor with all manner of deftly deployed devices. Absolutely essential floor pieces from a man who knows.

In the late 90's Nick recorded a tribute to Fela Kuti with Tim Hutton under the Soul Ascendants moniker. Tribute turned into an NYC underground anthem and was huge at Shelter & Body & Soul, often getting played 3 times a night. For the Soul Ascendants project they worked with Tony Allen of Fela's Afrika 70 Band and on this new release Nick brings his love of African music onto the modern dance floor with 2 peak-time Remixes.

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