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  • Cat No: SAT045
  • 2020-04-05


12inch ---- JPY

マンチェスターのHIDDEN SPHERESのニューシングル。ブロークンビート、荒廃とした情景に芽生える世界観が独特。

〈MOODS & GROOVES〉からデビュー、〈RHYTHM SECTION INTERNATIONAL〉、〈DISTANT HAWAII〉や〈LOBSTER THEREMIN〉からリリースを重ねてきたTom Harrisが昨年の〈CHURCH〉からの12インチ以来の新作をリリース。GRANTことANTHONY COLLINSとFrancis Harris(ADULTNAPPER/FRANK AND TONY)のSCISSOR AND THREADから。ブレイクした「Waiting」以降も 良いリリースが続きます。音数少なめながら、アフロ・ブロークン、複合リズムの感覚、ディテールに配慮されたシンセサイザー・ディープハウス/アンビエント。HIDDEN SPHERES今作も待っていた人も多いのではと思います。推薦! (サイトウ)

Hidden Spheres is the alter ego of Manchester's Tom Harris, who first made his mark on the underground circuit with his release ‘The Bloos’ on Moods & Grooves, before following it up with the much in demand ‘Waiting’ on Lobster Theremin offshoot Distant Hawaii.
Here, Tom joins the Scissor & Thread family, the Brooklyn label founded by Francis Harris, and home to music that traverses a number of boundaries. Hidden Spheres fits right in - the five track 1985 EP blends house, broken beat, ambient, jazz and other elements into a heady brew.
‘King Tut’ starts proceedings, a laid back jazzy groove, rich in textures and soulful flourishes.
‘My Names’ touches on the UK broken beat legacy of 4 Hero and Bugz in the Attic - an off kilter groove layered with sweet jazz and house inflected licks. ‘Karl’ is a much more direct dancefloor track, albeit with the deepness that we expect from Hidden Spheres.The penultimate track ‘1985′ steps into the unconventional house vibes of Detroit’s third wave. ‘Soon We’ll’ finishes up the EP - a supremely jazzy piece built around the sax, piano and washes of strings and ambient elements - a superb closer for a deep and heartfelt release.

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