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Mannigfaltig Remixes (part 2)

  • Cat No: K7380R2
  • 2020-10-02


12inch ---- JPY

Anna, Donato Dozzy, Robag Wruhme, Recondite Remixes 第2弾。

Dominik Eulberg’が昨年リリースしたアルバム「Mannigfaltig」のリミックス企画第2弾。A1は、KOMPAKT EXTRAやDrumcodeでリリースをかさねるDJ ANNA。ポジティヴ・アンビエンス、ユニークな起動をたどるレイドバック・バレアリックIDM、Robag Wruhmeも素晴らしく, 沈み込んで展開していくRecondite、スローにリズムを刻むDonato Dozzyがやはり外せません、AMBIENT WORKS、じっくり素晴らしい音世界です。 (サイトウ)

Dominik Eulberg’s Mannigfaltig album proved a huge success last year, and now Eulberg has curated a top selection of 10 outstanding artists to rework key tracks from it. The second of two remix EPs welcome Anna, Recondite, Robag Wruhme, Donato Dozzy and Hunter/Game.

Kicking off with Brazil’s global techno superstar DJ Anna, who flips ‘Sechslinien-Bodeneule’ into an atmospheric power-groover with deft synths and trippy little details that make for heady listening. Recondite has created his very own melancholic signature sound on labels like Ghostly, Hotflush and After Life and brings plenty of those gentle and reflective vibes to his deep, rolling remix of ‘Vierfleck‘.

The deep mood continues as Kompakt and Pampa’s mastermind Robag Wruhme brings his unusual and left-field style to ‘Siebenschläfer,’ with its counterpointing bass, clanking percussion and an unpredictable, manifold arrangement. Peerless Italian sound designer and serene techno craftsmen Donato Dozzy then gets you in a state of trance with the meaning synths, gentle rhythms and an irrevocable flow of his ‘Eintagsfliege’ remix.

In keeping with EP1, the second installment comes with an additional remix included on the digital package via Kompakt’s duo Hunter/Game. With their majestic sense of melody, they interpret „Goldene Acht“ into an expansive rework that will have you lost amongst the stars.

These are fantastic reworks that bring fresh perspectives while also retaining the organic musical beauty that made the originals so special.

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