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Rhythm Trax

  • Cat No: DKMNTL082
  • 2020-10-26


12inch ---- JPY

WOLF MULLERことJAN SHULTEのBUFIMAN名義でのリリース。音の焦点の実験。改めて素晴らしい。

「Rhythm Trax」と題された6 TRACKSで構成されたEP。本年初頭にリリースしたデビューアルバム「Albumsi」からリズムに、フォーカスしてドラムを抜き出し、ドラムと効果音をメインに再構築。「世界の平和と、カエルの為のダンスミュージックをやっている」。DMTサイケデリック/ニューエイジのニューディメンション。覚醒のリズムトラックをクリエイト。BUFIMAN! (サイトウ)

Jan Schulte aka Bufiman releases his drum rhythm versions from his latest Dekmantel LP ‘Albumsi'.

In his own words: “Hi, my name is Bufiman and I do drum music for world peace and dance music for frogs. I recently released a longplayer called ‘Albumsi' on Dekmantel. While doing the mix-downs for ‘Albumsi' I realized how much effort I had put in it and how it might even seem overproduced in comparison to other records of mine. This was the result of ‘Albumsi’ being in the first year after quitting all other jobs to focus completely on music. It was the first time I had a studio, some gear and time all at once, at the same moment. So during the mixing process I realized how carefully and loaded the drum tracks were, I even had unused leftover drum material… I also just found a Dutch record heavily inspired by the classic Jive Rhythm Trax with the name 'Mix Your Own Breaks - Construction in Music' with an accompanying text that inspired my idea to do some of my own rhythm trax versions: "The compositions on this LP only consist of rhythms and sound effects. They can be used as: a transition between two records, to be mixed as a break in between and for the production of jingles. Have a lot of fun with these breaks!" Or in Dutch, as originally printed on the record: VEEL MIX-PLEZIER MET DEZE BREAKS - Een multifunctionele LP voor Discjockeys, Thuismixers en geluids-amateurs.”

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