• 12inch

Dawn Is Mine

  • Cat No: SAT047
  • 2020-09-16


12inch ---- JPY

ADULTNAPPERことFRANCIS HARRISとGRANTのレーベル〈SCISSOR AND THREAD〉から、スロービート、アンビエント推薦盤。キックはスローですがリズミックです。

「Girl Next Door」で1016年に〈SCISSOR AND THREAD〉からデビューしているオランダの女性プロデューサーANNE KORTEWEG、VILLETEがニューリリース!スロービート、アンビエントをメインに4つうちの曲も。日本の環境音楽、小久保隆やPAULINE ANNA STROM、ACTRESSにインスピレーションを得ているとのこと。 (サイトウ)

Villete aka Amsterdam based producer Anne Korteweg returns to Scissor and Thread with a brilliant new EP. Her debut 12″ ‘Girl Next Door’ was released on Scissor and Thread in the fall of 2016 and sold out quickly. Now here with the new EP Dawn is Mine, we are treated to seven tracks of understated, floating beauty.
On her new release she explores the more abstract sides of electronic music. Using a variety of synthesizers, she creates rich and lush sounding structures that continuously bend and flow loosely. She finds inspiration from listening to Pauline Anna Strom, Takashi Kokubo and Actress.
Opener Penrose Stairs sets the tone with gentle arpeggiated synths creating a warm, fuzzy atmosphere - a combination further explored in Midnight Arp later into the mini-album.
The title track Dawn Is Mine uncovers a low bass throb mixed with dubbed out effects and textures, while Lilac emits an ethereal, woozy atmosphere, with lush pads, choral textures and blissful melodic motifs. Myst also luxuriates in hazy pads before a slo-mo groove emerges to carry the track towards the edge of the dancefloor. If Myst flirts with the idea of dancing, Show Me dives right in - an exquisite slice of deep, outsider house with a psychedelic twist. Winding the release down with Wild Things - a beat-less vignette of synths engaged in an melodic interplay of chimes and tones.

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