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Chords And Desire

  • Cat No: RSWING014
  • 2020-10-29


12inch ---- JPY

イタリアのジャズ/フュージョン/レアグルーヴ感覚もある現行イタリアのユニーク・シンセサイザー・ミュージック・シーンEARLY SOUNDSと繋がる〈REALLY SWING〉を主宰しているQUIROGAの12インチ。

QUIROGAことWALTER DEL VECCHIO、自身のレーベル〈REALLY SWING〉から5トラックスの新作EP。スローフュージョンディスコ「DABBLER IN LOVE」を筆頭に、マジカルなシンセサイザーダンス。ラストはかつてLUKE VIBERTがPLUG名義でリリースした「DRUM 'N' BASS FOR PAPA」のカバー、オマージュ。 (サイトウ)

Quiroga is back on Really Swing providing an extensive set of tracks in his typical style, a breezy and ear pleasing affair with his longtime friend and collaborator Dario Bass.

“Dabbler in Love” is a sunrise-ready boogie affair with stunning chords and bass progression summed by a twinkling Rhodes solo; “Kundabuffer” drives into more jazzy territory delivering throbbing basslines over a 4/4 latin beat while “Villa Lysis” is a laidback piano soundscape over a lately bassline on a Capri sunset.

On the flipside “Snaporaz” named after the Marcello Mastroianni’s character draws a housey jazz atmosphere with an astonishing bassline reminding of Kaytranada’s groove. “Drum’n’Bass for Papa” closes out the release - an homage to Plug/Luke vibert where chord progressions fuse onto a Squarepusher-Pastorious esque bass lead. Rock on!

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