• 12inch

Pretty Face

  • Cat No: ISLE010
  • 2022-04-06


12inch2190 JPY

近年中古市場でも高い人気、評価を得てきた1987年の1987年デトロイトで産まれたオブスキュア・ブギー/ソウルSTINGER J「Pretty Face」を〈ISLE OF JURA〉が再発。シンセサイザーがメインのサウンドプロダクションも魅力!

Alicia Myers 「I Want To Thank You」やMariah Carey 「Make It Happen」のヒット曲を多数持つ作曲家として知られ、Al Hudson作品やOne Wayを中心に活躍したデトロイトのKevin McCordが1987年に、シンガーJonathan Haywoodと組んだワンオフ・プロジェククトSTINGER J。オリジナルはKevin McCord自身のレーベルCHANCE RCORDSからリリース。中古市場で数万円の値をつけるレアアイテム。 (サイトウ)

Originally released in 1987 and featuring the sublime vocals of Jonathan Haywood ‘Pretty Face’ by Stinger J has become highly sought after in recent years, a true stand out song fusing Soul, Disco, Garage and Detroit House. Stinger J was a one time alias used by Detroit Producer Kevin McCord, formerly of legendary American R n B and funk band One Way. As a writer & producer Kevin has had an illustrious musical career working with Alicia Myers (‘I Want To Thank You’), Oliver Cheatham (‘Get Down Saturday Night’) and Mariah Carey (‘Make It Happen’). B Side ‘Wonder Land’ pairs the vocals of Jonathan Haywood with Kevin himself, a soulful ballad with classic 80’s production and live keys, strings and percussion.

This reissue is a unique example of an intended crossover record from a mainstream producer who soaked up the influences of his home town Detroit around the birth of House & Techno. Self released at the time on Kevin’s own Chance label, it was hard to get momentum without major label backing so the project fell by the wayside. Now officially reissued for the first time in partnership with Kevin McCord with Artwork by Bradley Pinkerton.

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