• LP

Palinuro Phonebox

  • Cat No: MAMBO006
  • 2021-03-29

バレアリック的アプローチが多いPRINS THOMAS主宰のレーベルHORISONTAL MAMBOのニューリリース。

幼少の頃からピアノの教育を受け、プロを目指していたこともある。CERNで働くためにジュネーヴに移住するというエリート!イタリア、ナポリのGIORGIO LOPEZのデビューアルバム。子供の頃の南イタリアの夏休みの記憶にインスパイアされたという淡く美しい風景。傑作アルバムの誕生。「Palinuro Phonebox」。 (サイトウ)

Palinuro Phonebox is inspired by childhood memories of summer holidays in the south of Italy: nightly car trips on endless highways, late arrivals in campings for families, loitering in grungy arcade bars with cheesy neon signs, calling your friends from an old payphone and running out of coins, sneaking out unseen on some buddy’s souped-up moped, playing grown-ups with girls drinking sodas with an attitude.

About Giorgio Lopez:
Born in Naples in 1985.
Playing the piano from age 7.
Discovering funk, hip hop and jazz and starts playing keyboards with bands around the city.
In 2015 he puts aside the idea of becoming a professional pianist and moves to Geneva, to work for CERN: but, there, he also falls in love with club music…
Back on holiday in Naples in 2020, dusts off his old synths and records this love letter to his own musical past.

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