• LP + DL

Ambient Waves From Niigata

  • Cat No: ERLP-001
  • 2021-02-14




新潟で国内外の素晴らしいアーチストをフィーチャリングした音楽的実験を展開してきた"EXPERIMENTAL ROOMS"がレーベルを始動!新潟在住のアーチストによる数珠の素晴らしい音源。アンビエント・ドキュメンタリー作品。 (サイトウ)

An ambient documentary work that recorded the music and people of Niigata, Japan in 2020.

A compilation album created in 2020 to record the music and people of Niigata that still exist in 2020, with the theme of each "Ambient" by 10 groups of musicians living in the local city Niigata. The up-and-coming "Mevius" who publishes works on SNS, the parent-child unit "Reishu Fukushima + Satoshi Fukushima" using shakuhachi and computer, "Youki Noseyama" who boasts unrivaled metallic beauty, and The legendary existence "Tokio Hasegawa" who has been active in the Taj Mahal Travelers in the past. Even in the same Niigata, a wide variety of music based on the Niigata environment is gathered here on the premise of different ages, careers, and activity areas. Everything that makes up the work, including the cover photo, was created by the people of Niigata, and is truly an "ALL CREATED IN NIIGATA" piece.

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