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When The Party Is Over / Heartbeat Summer

  • Cat No: GBR030
  • 2021-01-13


7inch ---- JPY

〈GROWING BIN〉新作は、〈EM RECORDS〉からもリリースされたバンドBANKのボーカルDAI NAKAMURA のソロ・プロジェクトNUBACK!新旧とわず国産の素晴らしいサウンドが羽ばたいていってる。

自身が主催するToo Young recordsから配信リリースした2010年の「When The Party Is Over」と2012年にDisco2とのスプリットで7インチリリースした「Heartbeat Summer」をBASSO、GROWING BIN RECORDSがワールドワイドに7インチ再リリース。 (サイトウ)

Growing Bin say sayonara to summer with these bittersweet Balearic gems from Japan’s Nuback. Emotional pop and daydream dub to make you feel younger than yesterday.

While the Discogs hipsters hastily hunt down the last, lost street soul OGs, Growing Bin choose instead to indulge in a little Nuback swing. Enlisting the talents of Tokyo’s Dai Nakamura, Hamburg’s home for sensitive sounds provide a much needed vinyl release for the misty-eyed ‘When The Party Is Over’ and ‘Heartbeat Summer’.

Largely operating through his own Too Young Records, Nuback trades in textured soul, sympathetic synthesis and forlorn funk - a master at making you move while breaking your heart. Back in 2013, he waved ‘Goodbye To Summer, Again’, giving a digital release to these two tracks, which lurked a little low for the radar until Dai and Basso met somewhere beyond the algorithm, soon bringing this release to bloom.

Opening with a fanfare of featherlight pads and full bodied bass, ‘When The Party Is Over’ is pure sonic seduction, holding both Balearic boogie and City Pop in a tender embrace. Delicate guitar and sparkling sequences tug the heartstrings with nostalgic beauty, and Dai’s smooth vocals are made to make you swoon. Emotional pop at its finest folks.

On the B-side, ‘Heartbeat Summer’ drops the tempo and soaks up the sun, losing its cares in a haze of loved up dub. As soulful keys sink into spring reverb and steam kettle synths ride a rolling bassline, this downbeat delight lays back in the long grass, making shapes from the clouds and sipping a cool koshu. For summer lovers everywhere;
A facemask ruins a first kiss, so start your romance right with Nuback.
Patrick Ryder

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