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  • 2022-04-08


LP3490 JPY

GROWING BIN RECORDSから、オーストリアの異脳の才人MOLTO BRUTTOの1988年の2NDアルバムを再発!ポスト・パンク、エレクトロ、DIY ROCK。

BASSOがほとんど知られることのなかったこのレコードを手に入れて依頼、構想10年をかけた再発。デビッド・バーンも彷彿させるエキセントリックなヴォーカルと、打ち込み、シンセサイザーのかっこよさ、ウーリッツァー、ギター、シーケンスのユニークさ。聴いてしまった人の磁場を歪めてしまいそうな、DIYミュージックの魅力。個性。マニアックの極みです。 (サイトウ)

Growing Bin switches back into reissue mode with an off-kilter obscurity from Austrian eccentrics Molto Brutto. Equal parts amateur funk, indie jangle, art rock and idiot pop, “2″ is a real weird bastard with a whole lot of charm. As the Bin continues to grow in all directions, there’s plenty of space for new sounds to take root. Alongside patches of Ambient, Balearic, Kosmische and Jazz, Hamburg’s audio allotment now stretches to accommodate the strange waves of Molto Brutto.

Basso dug their first LP a decade back in Stuttgart’s Second Hand Records, embracing their abrasive style of sandpaper sonics and experimental urges. Interest piqued, he made the journey through their DIY catalogue, capturing excellent collaborations under the Ganslinger alias before bumping into the second of their two LPs. Originally released on their Golfdish imprint in 1988, “2″ walks into the pub with an air of accessibility, but quickly unravels into glorious chaos - pissing in the corner and passing out on the bar. Pop structures are suggested then subverted.
Pints of Paisley slosh out of a broken Glass, tape loops spool onto shabby Material, and indie janglers are just a couple of stamps short of a Postcard.

Turning you tipsy, this loveable rogue starts to tell you his life story, but you’re going to have to fill in some blanks. They miss ‘Blackie’, but who is he - a dog? What happened on the ‘Deadly Vacation’? Is that song really about a ‘Goldfish’, or did they find out the name of America’s horse? Words repeat until they lose all meaning, awkward poetry masks a lost laureate and a drunken Wurlitzer sends the room into a spin.

The pubs are shut, so get happy drunk with Molto Brutto.
Patrick Ryder

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