• LP

Transitional Being

  • Cat No: AM-02
  • 2022-03-09

〈GOOD MORNING TAPES〉からもリリースしているイギリスのXVARRのニューリリース。過去10年間に製作した楽曲から厳選された6曲を〈AURAL MEDIUM〉がコンパイル。 エレクトロニック、アンビエンス、フィジカルなリズム、ダンスにスポットしたセレクト。RAWダンストラックの極み的魅力。

カナダ産1988年のJON HASSELLの名盤の名前を戴いたマニアックな電子音楽VERNAL EQUINOXの再発でスタートしたカナダのレーベル〈AURAL MEDIUM〉の第2弾リリース。〈TWIN WOMB RECORDS〉などの自主レーベルのプライベートなリリースが注目され、〈GOOD MORNING TAPES〉もカセット、バイナルのリリースをしているロンドンのアーチストXVARR。LARRY HEARDやAFX, DREXCIYAなどのIDM、ELECTRO、CABARET VOLTAIREやCONRAD SCHNITZLER、CHRIS CARTER、AFRO COSMICやANDREW WETHERALLも引き合いに出して紹介されるディープなエレクトロニック。〈SEANCE CENTRE〉が配給を手伝い、〈LIGHT IN THE ATTIC〉もデジタルでライセンス。シルクスクリーンのハンドプリントジャケット、限定のアナログストックしています。 (サイトウ)

Transitional Being reveals another side of XVARR’s production palette — characteristically trance-inducing, this release highlights the transformational potential of dance music.

Spanning the last ten years, these six tracks handpicked by Aural Medium align with a particular relationship to technology that has formed the central pillar to the XVARR studio set up. Often starting with a drum pattern and sequenced bass-line, the physical rhythm is stripped out and surrounding elements are drawn out and manipulated to convey the ‘hidden’ intention behind the track. With the tracks compiled here, he lets the rhythms ride. The influence of more ‘club-orientated’ music has remained firmly embedded in XVARR’s psyche, although typically the trip has been more introverted. The approach here may differ from other XVARR outputs, but the mood most definitely remains the same, with an overarching desire to channel emotion and passion from the other side of nowhere.

XVARR recognizes the parallels between the ritualistic dance of the Witches’ Sabbath and a dark room filled with sweat, smoke, and sound. It is in this parallel void of transcendent possibilities that tracks such as “Running out of Time”, “The Crooked Path” (a nod to Andrew Chumbley) and “Universal” reside. There’s also a subtle presence of influences from Industrial music, with groups such as SPK, Conrad Schnitzler, Chris Carter and Cabaret Voltaire paving the way for XVARR’s early experiments with electronic music. The alchemical results on this EP float in a universe populated by such luminaries as AFX, Drexciya, and the constellation created by Chain Reaction, within a cosmos governed by the gravitational pull of Baldelli and Weatherall.

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