• 12inch

Bigtime Ep (Incl. Auntie Flo Remix)

  • Cat No: HEIST057
  • 2022-03-11


12inch1690 JPY

アフロビート!Auntie Floのリミックス収録!HEISTニューリリースは、屈指のエディット、ディスコレーベルNYCブルックリンRAZOR N TAPE主宰のJKRIVと、UNDERGROUND SYSTEM AFROBEATのフロントマンPETER MATSONとのコラヴォレーション。

NYCの10人編成のアフロビートバンドUNDERGROUND SYSTEM AFROBEATのフロントマンPETER MATSONと女性シンガーSAMY LOVEをフィーチャリングした「Bigtime EP」。南アフリカのKWAITOなどにもつうじるようなオールドスクールなハウスビート、ダブ、アシディーな感じのシンセワークに、アフロチャントがユニーク。イナタかっこいい。リミックスには名手AUNTIE FLO。トライバル&ドープなアフロダンス。こちらも流石のミックスです。合うfロビー塗色強い「New Friend」とシンセサイザーとダビートライバルサウンド、アフロファンクがミックスされたB2タイトル曲。どれもオリジナリティあるアフロ、パワフル・ダンス。 (サイトウ)

We’re welcoming some new faces to the Heist family with this release: JKriv & Peter Matson, who present their ‘Bigtime EP.’ We all know JKriv from his excellent Razor-N-Tape label and his work as a producer and remixer of all things soulful. JKriv has this excellent ability to lay down an organic and original sound and it’s that sound that felt like such a great match with Heist. Peter Matson is the front man of NYC post-punk afro band ‘Underground System’ and if you’ve heard their music, it should come as no surprise that the first outing of the duo is full of high notes. The lead track ‘Ewesse Ye’ occupies a space in dance music that leans towards Balearic nu-disco and proto-house, but the live elements, African vocals, and chants and cosmic synth work make it a track that’s hard to pin down to just one style. What we can say is this: it sounds huge without really trying to do so. It comes naturally, just like the vocals of Cameroonian singer Samy Love, who lays down his verses in style, with a clear nod to groundbreaking African artists like Ata Kak and Professor Rhythm. The remix comes courtesy of the multi-talented Auntie Flo, who completely flips the original into a deep afro-tech monster of a track. Dark synths and spaced-out percussion flow along throughout the track and the added layer of Marimba work complements the vocal and vibe of the track perfectly. On the flipside, we’ve got the slow burner ‘New friend’, which brings us back to Balearic territory. There’s a certain trance-inducing feel to this track with its looped chords and i

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