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  • 2022-03-28


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Mark Barrottから引き継ぎMatthew Stylesが展開している新生INTERNATIONAL FEELから、LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON,RUNNING BACK周辺で信頼されているSHANのプロジェクトだと言われるSTUDIO GRUPPE 1。

ポスト・バレアリック、スロー、フィルム・ノワールのサウンドトラック、レフトフィールドなシンセサイザー・ダンス。STUDIO GRUPPE 1。以下インフォメーションによると、「70年代から80年代にかけて活躍したドイツのセッション・ミュージシャン集団。メンバーの祖父は無声映画のサウンドトラックを手掛ける音楽家だったと言われている。。。」と続いております。プログレッシヴなレトロ・シンセサイザーミュージック。良さそう。 (サイトウ)


Not much is known about the German session musician ensemble Studiogruppe 1 from the ‘70s and ‘80s. It’s believed that the grandfather of one member, known only as V.S., originally soundtracked silent films in theatres - although that hasn’t been proved. Studiogruppe1 never rose to prominence in the heyday of studio groups and library records, but it certainly wasn’t due to lack of trying.

Although it’s unknown who the individual members of Studiogruppe1 were, it’s clear they could find a groove within the machines. It appears the sessions were also engineered by V.S., and there’s plenty of space between the notes, which lends a heady atmosphere of anticipation to the music. Just close your eyes and you will find that the music triggers many scenes from the movies in your mind.

Take the opener Dunkler Sonnenaufgang, for example. Waves lap on the shore line of an alternate Coney Island, while the sound system of an abandoned amusement park plays arpeggios in the distance. Errinungen could complement expansive panoramic time-lapses of natural cycles and rolling clouds. The track Wenn Der Tiefe Schlaf Kommt, might accompany a documentary on REM dream cycles and flotation tanks. Sonnentanz raises the temperature, as act III in every movie narrative should, as protagonists rush to overcome their challenges. Ein Neuer Anfang would perfectly soundtrack the plot twist of any number of thrillers, film noirs, or sci-fi mysteries. Album closer War Alles Nur Ein Traum could supplement slow-motion shots of dawning realization, foreshadowing a betrayal or a cliffhanger.

V.S. and Studiogruppe1 have condensed the evocative sounds of the ’80s into something of an art form. Bringing to mind the lilting melodies and melancholy chord movements of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis or Manuel Göttsching, Studiogruppe1 manage to capture widescreen emotional flash points without the need for celluloid, or barely any visual aid, for that matter. These tracks work just as well in the furnace of your imagination or a dark room filled with dry ice and lasers.

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