• 12inch

Dingsbums Homage

  • Cat No: PTNC 006
  • 2022-07-17


12inch 3190 JPY

Klasse周辺Johanna KnutssonのニューシングルがJohn Carroll KirbyやLeo Jamesのアンビエント作品をリリースしてきたNYCのPATIENCEからアナログリリース。奇妙なサウンドジャーニーの世界。是非。

Luca Lozanoと共にレーベルZODIAC 44、Hans Bergと共にUFO Station Recordingsを運営、Luca LozanoのKlasse WrecksやKontra-Musikを中心にIdle Hands, Oscillate TracksなどからもリリースしてきたスエーデンのDJ/プロデューサーJohanna Knutsson。彼女近年取り組んでいるアンビエントの延長上。15分強の「Bernsteinsee」と18分にわたる「Beilsteinerstrasse」。プログレッシヴなシンセサイザーミュージック、アートワークも独特、異色なソウルミュージック。 (サイトウ)

For her outing on Patience, Swedish producer Johanna Knutsson departs on a sweeping, drifting electronica dream suite, a cloud-level glide through the subconscious that returns back to reality just before the alarm sounds. Dingsbums Homage is Johanna’s engulfing evocation of eyes shut wonder and a compelling 6th entry into the Patience catalogue of long-form explorations.

Conceived as a single piece, Dingsbums Homage features two distinct movements. The A side Bersteinsee floats into view on a soft breeze, with cosmic keys puncturing the ozone layer, before a gentle, almost tropical rhythm bobs into being and celestial shapes career in and out of view - comets, ufos or other, the truth is out there somewhere. The track settles into a supple groove that cruises on out of range, as whimsical synthesized strings bring part one to a close.

On Side B Beilsteinerstrasse picks up where the A left off, with an array of twinkling electronics, piano and snippets of memories in reverse weightlessly whizzing through the mind. The light sleep state is abruptly transformed by a monumental arpeggio that rises from the depths and propels the mind beyond the clouds and into a deeper inner space. Eventually the track re-enters the atmosphere and gently lowers to earth on some bittersweet strings, leaving a slowly dissolving outline of melancholic silver clouds behind the eyelids on waking.

Recently returned to Sweden after a long stint in Berlin, as a producer Johanna’s music veers between lucid, pumping techno and ethereal ambience. She's released records on Klasse Wrecks, Kontra-Musik, Oscillate Tracks and her own UFO Station Recordings, and she also ran Zodiac44 with Luca Lozano. Her DJ sets of nimble, spacey techno have seen her play sets in some of Europe’s finest outposts, and more recently she has performed ambient live sets at Intonal in Sweden and an all night “sleep set” at ADE, and in addition she composes music for documentaries.

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