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Pals FM: Floor Materials Vol.1

  • Cat No: WP002
  • 2022-11-04


12inch2590 JPY

Mogwaaと韓国ソウルのDJ Jesse Youがスタートしたレーベル〈Walls And Pals〉初のアナログリリース。Mogwaa, Jesse Youに加えて、〈Klasse Wrecks〉、mr.hoと大阪からguchiくんも参加してます。

ロゴデザインはLUCA LOZANO。韓国発の楽しみなレーベルWALLS AND PALS。少量ですがストックしています。 (サイトウ)

[Pals FM: Floor Materials] is a compilation series for the dance floors. It is the second release of
the label WALLS AND PALS, a follow up to the debut EP [Pure Elements...] by ACIDWORK last
year. Fellow artists who got acquainted on dance floors or interacted by exchanging views about
electronic/dance music each expressed their ideas of dance floors for this release.
But the focus of the compilation is on displaying free and creative ideas about dance floors rather
than simply a ‘DJ Tool’ which normally leans more towards DJ’s convenience. In other words, it’s a
project compiled with numerous forms of dance floor and time slot kept in mind, rather than just
strictly ‘For Club Use’. That being so, this record is a modern dance compilation made by today’s
DJs and producers from different cities, and at the same time, a piece of record that implies the
virtue of
classic 12”/Maxi single which includes various versions such as radio edits, dance
remixes, instrumentals to explore a wide range of possibilities for the tracks and the record itself.
Regardless of venue and time, It can’t go wrong to have such a record
in a DJ’s record bag.
In [Vol.1], the starting point of the compilation series, label co-founders Mogwaa and Jesse You,
Osaka’s producer GUCHI, and Klasse Wrecks co-owner Mr. Ho have contributed their own shares.
A-side starts with Mogwaa’s ‘Provision 8216’, a dark
dance floor groover with spatial texture,
followed by GUCHI’s ‘THE FUTURE OF EMOTIONS’, a full-scale techno track deploying noise and
arpeggio in a creative way. On the B-Side features ‘Silly and bright’, a sunset electro by Jesse You
and ‘#1’, Mr. Ho’s funky burner where you can check out a different side from the producer. With
everything put together, [Pals FM: Floor Materials] serves to work as a versatile ‘Material’ than as a

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