• 12inch

Over The Leap EP

  • Cat No: ABLK01
  • 2022-11-24


12inch1990 JPY

ミニマルラインのDJ、Rarsesh,Vlad Caia, LawrenceからÂme,Agoriaもプレイ&サポートのニューレーベル〈Ausblick〉, Anthony Georges Patriceの12インチ。Steve O' SullivanとHeavenchordのリミックス。リズムの刻み方も独特。推薦テクノ。

〈Lossless〉などでリリースしてきたフランスのAnthony Georgesがスタートしたバイナル・レーベルAusblickの第1弾。アシッディーに歪むシンセと、コズミックなシンセ、淡々と刻むリズム、ポジティブな熱量を帯びながら、じっくりグルーヴするベースライン。UKダブ・テクノのレジェンドSteve O' Sullivanのリミックスも収録。B-SideはTobira recordからもカセットでリリースしたHeavenchordによるディープ・サイケデリック・ジャズをフルで収録。これも素晴らしい。今のところバイナルオンリーのようです。 (サイトウ)

Standing firm on a steady driving rhythmic section, Over The Leap symbolizes the awakening of the life on Earth, the arrival of the morning sun. A deep chord brings in the necessary warmth to prepare the ground for the life on earth to emerge, a bright uplifting pad signs in the beginning of a new day as the light surely gains intensity. Steve O Sullivan adds his signature steady sound to the original track. Emphasizing the comfort and warmth of the early hours of a summer day; extending time as if to focus the attention on the beauty of a world not yet awakened but ready to be. Original hovering over, remix going deep into the leap that the world is about to take every single day when the birds sing. Original Behold, Begin will be available as free download, which offer the necessary well deserved space to Heavenchord to fully express his deeper interpretation of it, giving a massive push to the Jazz influences of the track to then introduce to the audience the depth of a reshape that could only come from one of the most profound artists that Dub Techno has in store today. A release aiming to bring together the two principles of life according to ancient Philosophy : ground the feet on the soil, extend to the sky, and come back to being with a deeper focus on the feeling of being alive.

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