The Things We See When We Look Closer (LP+DL)

  • Cat No: permvac255-1
  • 2023-03-16


LP+DL 3490 JPY

デュッセルドルフ生まれで、中国で育ち、西洋と東洋の両方を文化的背景を持つというSAM GOKUのニューアルバム「The Things We See When We Look Closer」。モダン・エキゾチカなアンビエント、リズムミック・テクノ・ダンス。

2021年にリリースされた〈Atomnation〉からのデビューアルバム「East Dimensional Riddims」も異例のロングセラーのSam Gokuの新作アルバムが〈permanent vacation〉から到着しました。デュッセルドルフ生まれで、中国で育ち、西洋と東洋の両方を文化的背景を持つというバックグラウンド、エキゾチカ・アンビエンス、テクノ、スロービート、ダンス。空想的な音世界。推薦! (サイトウ)

It's album time for Sam Goku aka Robin Wang: "Things We See When We Look Closer" is the second album from the Chinese-German artist, releasing nearly two years after his debut album "East Dimensional Riddims", that combined traditional Asian instruments and field recordings with his own modern take on dance music that focuses on fluid rhythms, beautiful melodies and ambient haze.

Based in Munich, things came together naturally with Permanent Vacation as a label for the DJ and producer. Not only sharing the same hometurf, but also a certain eclectic approach on music. After two EPs on the label, that found their way into DJ Sets from the likes of Ben Ufo & Four Tet, DJ Voices, Call Super and many more, Robin is drawing ever wider circles with his new album.

On eleven tracks he is refining his unique approach in his productions, probably described best as a deeply nature-rooted and aethereal sound from twinkling ambience over bright, bouncy kickdrums to shuffling breaks. Robin is hunting for the bigger picture by taking a closer look. Finding new life in the different microcosms and gaining new perspectives on things by switching the angle and developing a meditative and psychedelic swirl.

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