• 12inch


  • Cat No: DREAM3
  • 2023-05-18


12inch ---- JPY

人間の思考、感覚、音をマシーンでトランスレートするコンセプトでスタートしたDream Machineのニューリリース。繊細なエレクトロニック。心地よい響き。ポリフォニックなダンストラック。傑作。

Music From Memoryクルーの一人、KENNEDYのDream Machine「DREAM 3」。このEPに関して「ボーダレスなハイテックソウル3曲。マインド、ボディ&ソウルの深淵から湧き出た音楽のさらなる提案です。」とステッカーに記されてます。「Vacüüm」、「My Friend The Sun」にはパーカッショニストが、「My Friend The Sun」と「Heliosphere」にはフルート奏者が讃歌していてよりオーガニックなサウンドが展開されています。(サイトウ)


Kennedy returns to another musical dream state bringing nocturnal visions to life through the power of machines. Including three tracks of borderless Hi Tech Soul music, on this third 12" in the series he widens his sonic scope via elements of Jazz and African rhythms next to his own distinctive take on the original sounds of Detroit.

It's another musical offering that comes from deep within mind, body and soul. Side a sounds like a warm fusion of loose rhythms and glowing synths determined by machines, whereas the b-side is more explicitly human-made with flute recorded live by Amsterdam Jazz man Han Litz, bringing a lightness of touch that imbues the music with hope and optimism. Beneath that, a battery of drums is set free calling up acoustic sounds driving from deep inside in a dense forest.

This third translation of thoughts, sensations and sounds is another emotive coming together of man and machine that will find yourself invited to gaze off into an infinite sonic cosmos.

...dreams are messages from the deep.
a visual memory, almost tangible.
no age and date, only feelings and frequencies.
dream machine

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