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Rhythm And Truth EP

  • Cat No: DOG92
  • 2023-09-05


12inch ---- JPY

6th Borough ProjectがホームのDelusions Of Grandeurからシングルリリース!90年代のイギリスのハウス・サウンドシステムの感じを受け継ぎつつ、アフリカンなリズムを展開する今のダンスミュージックの面白さです。

Craig Smith、Graeme Clarkによるプロジェクト6th Borough Project。A1は90年代後半のclassic DJ Qのようだと紹介されている「Rhythm」。「Rhythm」のフレーズの引用、ディスコ・カットアップをフィルター&ループした跳ねたビート、グルービンなベースラインのいい曲。B-SIDEは「Truth」「Keep On」もディスコサンプルのフィルターハウススタイル。バッチリ良いです。 (サイトウ)

The boys from the ‘Borough are back! It’s been almost ten years since 6BP were last on Delusions Of Grandeur so we’re stoked to welcome them back with a killer 3 track EP which sees them on fine form and with their classic sound mixing up crunchy disco drums, warm analogue synths and punchy bass lines to make you move.

Opening track Rhythm sets the pace with a loopy, uptempo filter house track which takes you straight to the dance floor. Reminding us of that classic DJ Q sound of the late 90’s the fellow Scotsmen let things roll, the one bar re peating bass sample hooking you in whilst dubbed out FX add a trippy touch.

Next up things go nice and deep on Truth with a repeating piano sample tak ing centre stage whilst trademark 6BP vocals filter in and out of the mix. Later on we’re treated to some classic Philly strings which lift the track, adding a euphoric element to this pensive yet uplifting little groover.

Rounding off the EP things go deeper still on Keep On, a subtle, mid tempo house chugger which will set the tone perfectly in any warm up set worth its salt whilst maintaining that distinctive warm and musical 6th Borough flavour we know and love.

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