• 12inch

Lucky Charm

  • Cat No: RB121
  • 2023-08-28


12inch ---- JPY

〈Running Back〉からRoman Flügelの「Garden Party」、「D.I.S.C.O.」、「Mega」との4部作最終章。「Lucky Charm」幸運のお守り的なタイトル。天使の彫刻が描かれたアートワーク、

オールドスクールなピアノ・ハウス、独特の世界観で描くエピック、福音的なポジティヴなパワーのハイエナジー、トランス世界。3バージョン。B-SIDE3曲はレフトフィールド、ダウンテンポ、ミニマル、Roman Flügelらしい実験的、意欲的、サイケデリックなディープ・サウンド。 (サイトウ)

Magically delicious: Lucky Charm completes Roman Flügel's personal -feel-good-tetralogy on Running Back. Joining Garden Party, D.I.S.C.O. and Mega for a quadrophony of fun, it is piano house at the core of the matter. Of course, Roman Flügel wouldn't be himself, if he would work carelessly. Imagine it prepared through the disciplines of molecular gastronomy. In a dystopian world on the edge of information overkill, this is exactly what one needs to relish temporary relaxation and the joys of life again. Simply put: arps, bass lines, tribal drums, brief melodies and pizzicato illuminate the topic from different sides and in different versions.

Its correspondent Luv Armour is a piece of jewelry that's doing the splits: house, new wave, synth pop and some melancholy for the finishing touches.

If you are looking for less action Whatever That Is offers you a slow dance. Looking for unheard and unconscionable connections, it twists and turns between Can-like sequences, what Underground Resistance dubbed Afrogermanic and some unexpected tunnel, before it ends where it started out

Finally, Film 4 is the final dish of this lush meal. Referring to the other Film tracks on the Mega 12" and created during the hard and dark times of closed amusement party parks, it is full of yearning. Music for your inner cinema.

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