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  • Cat No: sat060
  • 2024-03-11


12inch ---- JPY

メルボルンANALOGUE ATTICを拠点にアンビエント名門APOLLOからもリリースする、Albrecht La'Brooy。

ANALOGUE ATTICからのEP に続いてブルックリンのScissor and Threadから5曲で構成されたEP 「Merchant」。変則的な複合リズム、鍵盤、クリアなエレクトロニクス、フィールドレコーディングも交えながら、深みのある世界を描いています。彼らの友人でもあるパーカッショニストJoseph Batrouneyをフィーチャリングした「Pilot」は、ダブアウトしながら、リズミックなアンビエント、スローダンス(sample1)。柔らかく、陽性。今回も素晴らしい。 (サイトウ)

Sean La’Brooy is an Australian producer and composer currently based in New York, who’s work traverses ambient, jazz and house music. He is the co-founder of Australian ambient label Analogue Attic Recordings. With this release, La’Brooy has hooked up with the Scissor and Thread label to put out Merchant - five dreamy and versatile tracks featuring his distinct style of harmonically complex pads mixed with jazz-influenced instrumental melodies and solos. Snow Storm starts the journey, coupling field recordings with snippets of gentle jazz lines and wandering percussion. Cargo is the most dancefloor-oriented of the release, and locks into a driving groove early on, featuring various synth and piano fragments to add and flow through the track. Pilot is a track that also finds an off-kilter groove, embellished with dubbed-out percussion by fellow Australian Joseph Batrouney and samples. Storage too features a guest—New York based drummer Leo Yucht—who delivers a rolling breakbeat which is intertwined with live percussion, airy pads and snippets of piano to build a rich atmosphere. The closing piece is Helipad, a dubby bassline providing the anchor for an intricate rhythm of bongos and synth to support a light-as-a-feather melody.

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