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VARIOUS Mystic Soundz From Afrika (Lost Field Recordings 1960-1973)

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インド産フィールド・レコーディングのセレクションも素晴らしいLOST IN SPACE、MYSTIC SOUNDZ アフリカ編もストックしました。

「Hypnotic selection of rare field recordings from Ethiopia, Ghana, Zaïre, Togo, Dahomey and Ivory Coast. All of the tracks was recorded by various occidental ethnologists between 1960 and 1973. The music of this collection is really crazy and rarely heard: handmade instruments and surprising vocals sound resolutely modern, so that some songs may be confused with early industrial tones. The cover by Jean Attali, reflects perfectly the strange atmosphere that emerges from this unbelievable set."」
▼ Tracklisting

A1Drum DirgeEthiopia, 1971
A2MisenguZaïre, 1973
A3Guji Men ChorusEthiopia, 1965
A4BaganaEthiopia, 1971
A5Forked-HarpIvory Coast, 1965
A6Landa OrchestraTogo, 1972
A7Flute EnsembleEthiopia, 1967
B1Tiger RecitativeEthiopia, 1967
B2Amharic Love SongEthiopia, 1971
B3Somba TipentiDahomey, 1965
B4Berba MusicDahomey, 1965
B5KondanaTogo, 1960



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