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THE MONTGOMERY EXPRESS The Montgomery Movement

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NUMERO GROUPから二人の盲目のシンガーが在籍していたソウル・グループTHE MONTGOMERY EXPRESS。スピリチュアルな奇跡のサウンド。SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYSの名盤再発!

信頼の再発レーベル〈NUMERO GROUP〉からフロリダの二人の盲目のヴォーカリストを要するソウル・バンドTHE MONTGOMERY EXPRESS。1972にローカルの〈DOVE LABEL〉からリリースされ、その後〈FOLKWAYS〉から再リリースされた一枚。スピリチュアルなソウル・ミュージック。録音のよさとミキシングのマジック。クレジットにはないですが、RONALD CLYNEのアートワーク。FOLKWAYSですから。インディペンデントな70Sサウンド。素晴らしい一枚! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Montgomery Movement (4:44)sample
A2.Who (2:58)sample
A3.Steal Away (2:40)sample
A4.Precious Wing (3:32)sample
B1.Party Fever (5:14)sample
B2.I'm Standing By (2:30)sample
B3.Gotta Make A Comeback (4:05)sample
B4.Left Me With A Memory (3:05)sample

Funk's answer to the Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Florida's Montgomery Express stood at the crossroads of politically conscious soul and mystically awakened dance music. Comprised of two blind musicians in their 20s and a teenage rhythm section, their lone LP was cut in 1972 for Orlando's Dove label, then reissued on Folkways two years later. Although the label usually steered clear of soul music and anything remotely commercial sounding, Montgomery Express tapped into Folkways? Guthrie-cum-Chambers Brothers nerve. My whole life, I heard music in the air, beautiful music. I've been involved in supernatural things, spoken with spirits. I have heard an orchestra up in the air. I know I've heard it. ?Paul Montgomery



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