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MOOD HUTをいち早くイギリスで紹介したり、メルボルンシーン、AL DOBSON JR.や22a周辺のロンドンの新しいブレイクビーツシーン、レアグルーヴ感覚とハードウェア・マシーンサウンドの良質なインディペンデントサウンドを紹介してきたBRADLEY ZERO主宰のRHYTHM SECTION INTERNATIONALから、サウス・ロンドンの新しいプロデューサーMALLARDのデビュー作。RHYTHM SECTION INTERNATIONALらしい、変拍子、ポリリズミックな感覚もあって素晴らしいです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Aquitaine (606 Lake Mix)sample
A3.Marco's Mangosample
B1.Untitled (Breaks)sample

Making a splash with RS019 is a newcomer called Mallard. Discovered by Bradley after being front and centre for almost every RS dance since 2016, the South London based producer and multi-instrumentalist makes a serious first impression with his debut EP ?? VERTE??.

Currently studying Jazz Double-Bass at Trinity School of Music, Mallard??s productions demonstrate a keen ear for groove with a level of musicality rarely heard in electronic productions. At just 20 years old, he has already developed a unique sound palette and prodigious production style set to make him a name we will only hear more of in the years to come.

This EP, at once varied in tone and tempo is held together by a strong sonic identity and an overarching artistic vision: from the morphing polyrhythmic percussion of ??Surface?? to the shifting, heady pattern of ??Aquitaine?? via the psychedelic breaks of ??Untitled?? we are taken on quite the trip.

Equally at ease on the dance-floor as it would be for an introverted headphone session, Mallard??s first offering to the world via Rhythm Section is one to remember. A timeless classic from the Rhythm Section team!



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