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DREAMS Not Phazed EP

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DREAMS - Not Phazed EP : 12inch

こちらもL.A.経由、ブラジルのプロデューサーDREAMS。APRON RECORDSから、LO-FIエクスペリメンタル電子ファンク。推薦です。

ハードウェア、ベースのエレクトロ、ユニークな感覚。リオ・デジャネイロ出身で L.A.を拠点にしているPRIVATE SELECTION RECORDS主宰のJESSE PIMENTA。これも推薦です!〈NOUS〉からのリリースやRushmoreの〈TRAX COUTURE〉のコンピへの参加もしていて、BOK BOKやM.E.S.H.(PAN)のプレイリストにも彼の名前がある。 (サイトウ)

Producer, DJ and visual artist, Dreams, has become a standout voice in the Los Angeles electronic landscape. The following he’s amassed locally is due, in part, to his own imprint, Private Selection, who’s focus so far has been split between releasing music and throwing events. An ethos that runs through both the his music and parties is indebted in part to house and techno, but also industrial, resulting in a mutated take on dance life forms that is becoming increasingly recognizable in his own records and DJ sets. Dreams’ first 12’, ‘Twisted Karma’, came out in 2015 via Private Selection. Most recently, he released a record which saw light through Greek Imprint Nous Disques, and now, Apron Records.



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