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ベルリン発の問題作。LUCA LOZANOやEARLY SOUNDSなんかも絡むディープスポット〈SAMEHEADS〉がレーベルスタート。ベルリンの先端ディスコ/EBM/エレクトロ・カルチャーのクレイジーな側面が凝縮された一枚。CALL SUPERがライナー書いてるんで見てみてください。

イスタンブールのシーンで活動してきたDJ ZozoことNigar Zeynep、〈MACADAM MAMBO〉等からもリリースするDJでシンセシスト、シンガーでもあるEva Geist、Gatto Fittto等々がレジデンツをつとめるベルリンのアート、ファッション、音楽のディープスポットSAMEHEADSがレーベルをスタート。第1弾6組のアーチストによるスプリット。WALLS/NOT WAVING主宰の〈ECSTATIC〉からのリリースでおなじみのNovo Line(sample1)、レジデンツのdane//close, L.ZYLBERBERGの二人BALANCE CREW(sample2)、BINTUSたちのプロジェクトKRUTONもマジカルなリズムの感覚が迷宮化する(sample3)。TWOONKYなるエレクトロファンク、シンセディスコANTONI MAIOVVI。メルボルンシーン出身EBM/INDUSTRIALフィールドをアップデートするKRIS BAHAも最高。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Novo Line - Canto Unosample
A2.Balance Crew - Flam!sample
A3.Twoonky - Grottesample
B1.Kruton - Mince Basedsample
B2.Kris Baha - Headssample
B3.Antoni Maiovvi - Greased Lovesample

It took a while before it was this. It was a place to find clothes made by people lost in a minefield of ideas who liked to party. It was a place for temporary visions that turned out to happen and were then forgotten. It was always a place to find a new circle of friends. A place for expression where the throttle had been loosened and we all careered into the next day and the day after that. We all need to meet in the flesh away from the pixels and connect our first thoughts. Somewhere to ruffle our own feathers and take off on a phantom flight. It has been all this and it still is. Only now there is a record label to try and actually document a little of all of that. Welcome to Sameheads.

This record is a morsel from the community. Novo Line, Twoonky, Kruton, Kris Baha and Antoni Maovvi and Balance Crew aka Dane Close & L. Zylberberg. Six acts whose sweat is in the carpet and who all owe more than seven euros to the place for one reason or another. Six songs that electrify a new way to no wave. Don’t forget, this a mince based dish. Enjoy.

J R Seaton aka Call Super



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