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VARIOUS Open Space Volume 1

▼ Tracklisting

A1.kirilik - The Beginning Of Everythingsample
A2.John Beltran - The Morning Moves The Sunsample
B1.Sebastian Mullaert - In The Mist We Appearedsample
B2.JakoJako - Deine Augensample
C1.The 7th Plain - For Cocteaux and Buddsample
C2.Len Faki - Find Your Waysample
D1.The Persuader - Remembering Water Pearlssample
D2.Ralf Hildenbeutel - Aprilsample
E1.Moritz von Oswald - Silencesample
E2.Kangding Ray - Treizesample
F1.Tin Man - Lovely Acidsample
F2.Antigone - Indiana Policesample

In a year of global shift and continuous changes, Figure takes a leap of faith and extends its catalog by introducing a completely new compilation series to the label. The Open Space series will feature forward-thinking Electronica and Ambient from a well-curated list of seasoned producers. Compositions that invite to let the mind wander, weaving stories, and conjuring up emotions.
While these softer genres have already played a respected role in former Figure releases, for the first time in the label’s history they are now being given the center stage. Volume 1 sets the mark by providing producers whom we’ve come to love for their dancefloor-centric output with an open space to showcase another side of their skillset. Open Space remains open to various strains of Electronica and Ambient, ranging from the introspective synth-monologues (Sebastian Muellaert / Kirilik), drony dub-experimentalism (Moritz Von Oswald), alive and breathing takes on the genre (JakoJako), to singular compositions which slowly build their own lasting narrative and thus develop a genuine, emotive quality (John Beltran / Tin Man ). Len Faki himself proves the artistic breadth of Open Space, sharing a powerful and conscious message through a rare and delicate moment of him exploring the form of spoken words. Other contributions include Jesper Dahlbäck as The Persuader, Luke Slater as 7th Plain, or Ralf Hildenbeutel - a former production partner of Sven Väth and now a successful composer of film



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