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V/A Kapote Pres Mushroom House Vol 2

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ベルリン、ミュンヘン、GOMMAを母体に、イタロ、ニューウェイヴ、LGBTQ、ニューヨークのアンダーググラウンドハウスの濃厚サイド、ベルリンのパーティーカルチャーの流れを受け、ハウスやポスト・バレアリック、アフロ・コズミックな作品も良作を送り出すトップレーベルTOY TONICS。主催のKapoteプレゼンツMushroom Houseの第2打。ディスコ、グルーバルビーツなレフトフィールドな・サイケデリック・ダンストラックス。バリエーションで使える曲多数。推薦盤です。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Harry Wolfman - Upstream (2021 Version)sample
A2.Kiwi - We Are Heresample
A3.Jad & The - 232 (Raw Tool)sample
B1.Karl Hector & Nicolas Tounga - Ngunga Yeti Fofa (The Joaquin Joe Claussell's Electric Afrika Version (2021 Version)sample
B2.Vito & Druzzi - Night Masqueradesample
C1.The Barking Dogs - Mamarracho Feat Marcelo Burlon (2021 Version)sample
C2.Capablanca & T Keeler - No Hay Ritmosample
C3.Kapote - Besamo Flysample
D1.Hard Ton - Food Of Love (Dj Sprinkles Grub Dub (2021 Version)sample
D2.Munk - The Bolero Bunuel (Red Axes Remix)sample
D3.Art Alfie - Dance To The Conga (Edit)sample

The MUSHROOM HOUSE compilation is a collection of balearic, afro and cosmic disco tracks that have been released on several Toy Tonics EPs over the last 5 years. Toy Tonics now releases some of these EPs on a double vinyl together. This is the second part. Featuring eleven tracks. (Vol 1 was released in 2020.) Original tracks and remixes by friends of the label: Kiwi, Red Axes, Karl Hector, Hugo Capablanca, Harry Wolfman. Very special contributions by New York’s legendary Joe Claussell and fashion designer Marcelo Burlon, who contributed the vocals to a song by Milan’s Barking Dogs. Art Alfie from Studio Barnhus is featured also with an exclusive track and legendary DJ Sprinkles with a magic rework of a Hard Ton song. A few of the tracks had been already released on Gomma records. The now sleeping indie-electronica label that was the „mother“ of Toy Tonics records. Some were made exclusively for Toy Tonics.



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