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VARIOUS Afro Rhythms Vol. 1

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90年代後半からスタートし、アフロビートと、エレクトロニック・ミュージックの融合を推し進め、晩年のTONY ALLENも拠点にしたパリの名レーベルCOMET RECORDSの100番記念のオムニバス。

TONY ALLENの名曲「Ariya」のリメイクをCATALISTことALEX ATTIASがリミックスしたA1、IG CultureのSON OF SCIENTIST、ジンバブエ出身のシンガーESKAのコラヴォレーション、 2000年代のTONY ALLENのプロデュースも多数手がけ、サイケデリックなサウンド・プロダクションで一部カルト人気だったキーマンDOCTOR L、 TONY ALLEN VS THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRAの「Brotherhood」、CHATEAU FLIGHTによるPSYCO ON DA BUSのリミックスの5曲! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.TONY ALLEN - Ariya (Catalyst Remix)sample
A3.DOCTOR L - Push Your Mind (Break Beat Remix)sample
B1.THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA - Brotherhoodsample
B2.PSYCO ON DA BUS - Take A Rest (Chateau Flight Remix)sample

Comet Records is excited to present Afro Rhythms Vol. 1 the first repress since 1999 of Singles and Remixes out of Black Voices’s LP from Tony Allen Afrobeat pioneer, along with the iconic Psyco On Da Bus creating a new sound between experimental, electronica and afrobeat, both albums produced by sound activist Doctor L.

The compilation is a proper trawl through the vault of the early years of Comet Records featuring producers and artists as IG Culture, Eska, Catalyst aka Alex Attias, Psycho On Da Bus Featuring Doctor L and Tony Allen, Cinematic Orchestra and the legendary Parisian duo Chateau Flight.

The tracks "The Drum" and "Brotherhood" produced respectively by IG Culture (Son Of Scientist) and Cinematic Orchestra are part of The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble project, a collaboration between the unique drumming style of Tony Allen and the best in contemporary producers.

Comet label continues its hypnotic elliptical orbit through radical funk realms and dancefloor wormholes, connecting to five decades of music from four continents and still heading for the future, a pure and positive light to guide our way on.



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