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THE MOLE That Is Nice

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〈SOUND OF VAST〉からモントリオールの奇才Colin de la Plante、THE MOLEの12インチリリース。

THE MOLE。3 TRACKS。ディテールが多彩なミニマルハウス、独特の空間性と、ファンクネスの「Vetafit」、A2はファンクビート&ヴォイス、カットアップされたドラムで組み込まれたポリリズム、MOODYMANNへのMOLEなりのオマージュのようでもあるユニークな一曲。B-SIDEは、片面フルに展開される17 Day Parade、シンプルな冒頭、ねじれたエレクトロニクス、ステレオフォニックなヴォイスのカットアップ、ベースラインが展開され、ジャジー・スイングな音も漂い、一気にミステリアスな世界へとなだれ込みます。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A2.That Is Nicesample
B1.17 Day Paradesample

Sound Of Vast welcomes the return of The Mole this November with his 'That Is Nice' EP, comprised of three typically twisted cuts from the Canadian-born Berliner.

Over the course of the past two decades Colin De La Plante, better know to most as The Mole, has unveiled numerous EP's, singles and albums via the likes of Perlon, Ostgut Ton, Slices Of Life and of course Sound Of Vast where he returns here following output in recent years from the likes of DJ Sodeyama as The People In Fog, Cinthie, Com Sin aka Cosmin TRG, Shinichiro Yokota and Akiko Kiyama from the Japanese imprint.

Opening the EP is 'Vetafit', laid out across seven a half minutes with bubbling metallic chimes, bumpy bass notes, crunchy drums and an amalgamation of intertwining plucked synth stabs. Title-track 'That Is Nice' follows, shifting focus to cut up funk licks, a walking bass line and tension building strings atop a dynamic, organic drum groove.

On the flip is '17 Day Parade' to conclude the EP, stripping things pack to punchy, modulating drums a wandering sub bass pulsations and warbling, intricately processed horns and stabs, once again we're treated to more weird and wonderful material from The Mole.



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