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ブロードウェイでも活躍した世界的なジャズダンサー、マドンナやナオミ・キャンベルなども手掛けた振付師でもあるフランク・ハチェット、80年代にリリースした「Body Shots」が昨年再発され話題を呼びましたが、BRUCE HAAKやSteve Roachも再発しているカナダのTELEPHONE EXPLOSIONからコンピレーションがリリースされました!

ジャズ、ファンク、Princeの「Holly Rock」、Paul Hardcastleの「Rainforest」、 Billy Cobham「Stratus」、Earth, Wind & Fireの「Getaway」、Rose Royceの「Wishing On A Star」のカバーなども交えながらファンキーなスタイルから、アフロ・キューバーン、エレクトロやプロトテクノ的な曲まで、ユニークなサウンド、プロのダンサー感覚と周辺ミュージシャンのレベルの高さライブラリー的な色の濃いディガー垂涎のレアグルーヴが詰まってます。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.6/8 (2:30)sample
A2.Which Way Is Up (2:36)sample
A3.Rainforest (2:44)sample
A4.For The Lover In You (2:37)sample
A5.C.C.D. (3:01)sample
A6.Dance Crazy (2:07)sample
B1.Just Dance (2:36)sample
B2.Holly Rock (2:11)sample
B3.Break Out (2:25)sample
B4.Getaway (3:15)sample
B5.Wishing On A Star (2:55)sample
B6.Sam's Tune (2:26)sample
C1.Malibu Nites (5:09)sample
C2.Music Is The Answer (2:43)sample
C3.A Message From Kenya (2:35)sample
C4.Shamballa (2:16)sample
C5.We Supply (3:27)sample
D1.The Men (2:31)sample
D2.Flashy Super Groove (3:22)sample
D3.Stratus (2:55)sample
D4.Oh Yes (2:39)sample
D5.Inspiration (4:28)sample

Sensational – that’s Frank Hatchett! These words can be found on many of the 16 albums credited to the legendary NYC jazz dancer, choreographer, and teacher to the stars - Madonna, Brooke Shields, Olivia Newton-John, and Naomi Cambell.

In the highlights compiled on this expansive double LP set, the sounds of Hatchett’s albums run the gamut from disco and funk in the 1970s to electro and proto-techno as they glide through the ’80s. Most tracks clock in at a brisk 2:30 – the ideal length for Hatchett’s classes or his students’ recital performances. Fans of library music will find a similar focus on immaculate performances, while the tightly coiled drum breaks, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and thumping 808s will send rare groove collectors into a state of head nodding bliss.

Hatchett’s name and photos may appear on the sleeves of his records like Dance Crazy, Jazz Power, or Vop Style, but he is nowhere to be found in the music contained within. Instead, these albums dating back to 1974 were recorded by studio players under the guidance of musical director Don Tipton or arranger Zane Mark. Performers include: keyboardist Fred McFarlane (Madonna, Keith Sweat, Evelyn “Champagne” King), drummer Bernard Davis (Steve Winwood, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kool & The Gang).



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