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80年代のレアな音源がPEOPLES POTENTIAL UNLIMITEDから復刻されその後復活しているCIRCUITRY、ELECTRO WAYNEのアルバム登場!エレクトロ、シンセファンク、アメリカ中西部のマッドネス。

PPUファン垂涎のシンセサイザーミュージックのファンク汁、エレクトロニックな官能、ヴォコーダーファンク、エレクトロ、スロージャム。80年代からエレクトロ、シンセサイザーミュージックを追求する筋金入りの変態ELECTRO WAYNE。最高な一枚。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Celebrate A Groovesample
A2.Arrested For The Funksample
A3.Make You Wanna Dancesample
A4.She's Electricsample
B1.Sexy Bodysample
B2.Girl's Gone Badsample
B3.Slow Dance Interludesample
B4.This Is Dedicatedsample

On the A side we have the original tracks starting with
Split Secs - Accept The Answer which is quite the slow burner, easy building up and keeping you in a state of bewilderment with weird synths, sounds and melancholic vocals floating around.

When you’re still reminiscing about the first track, Franz Scala decides to up the game with his ‘Overflash’ that contains a kick that makes the walls of every room buzz. His familiar sound can be heard throughout the whole track and will for sure make every dancefloor move.

Moving over to the AA side, Split Secs has made an absolute stellar of a remix of Franz Scala unrecognizable but surely not less danceable original. Heavy bassline, dark and dreamy pads and funky percussion alternate each other in this remix which can be described in so many words, but is best to just start listening to.

Which is exactly what also should be done to the remix by Franz Scala. Taking the slow burner by Split Secs to another tempo and level by adding his familiar sound but what makes this track so special is the synths that have been perfectly applied and will bring some heat and sweat to the dancefloor.



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