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CRYSTAL Music Life

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フランス西インド諸島のズークとトロピカルの風を纏った、Franck Donatien率いる8人組ディスコ/ファンク バンド、CRYSTALの83年作レア・アルバムが〈FAVORITE RECORDINGS〉からリイシュー!

ギタリスト、作曲家であるFranck Donatienは、同じくズーク・バンドのLazerやTaxi Créoleなどを率いた経験があり、地元のズーク音楽シーンではなかなかの重鎮。84~85年の間に2枚のアルバムをリリースしており、どちらもオリジナルは現在入手困難です。まずはRisco Connectionなどディスコ・レゲエ・ファンにも直撃のA1「Music Life」(sample_1)からどうぞ。 (AYAM)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Music Life (6:47)sample
A2.Nostalgie (4:55)sample
A3.Ti Gaçon (5:05)sample
B1.Santo Domingo (6:29)sample
B2.Lan Misé (5:27)sample
B3.Fantastic Girl (5:42)sample

Favorite Recordings proudly presents this new official album reissue of Music Life by Crystal: A killer LP produced in 1983 by Georges Debs (GD Productions), and mixing elements of zouk and tropical influences from the French West-Indies, with heavy disco and funk flavors.

Crystal was an 8 piece combo from the French West-Indies islands led by Franck Donatien. Gifted guitarist and composer, Franck Donatien had a few experience leading band projects such as Crystal, Lazer or Taxi Créole, and is mostly known and respected for his long and prolific career as a musicians for many artists from the local zouk music scene.

With Crystal, he released 2 albums between 1984 and 1985, both today very hard to find and famous for including some amazing tracks. If Funky Biguine, Crystal’s second album, is mostly a 1 track LP with few other moments, Music Life is truly a brilliant album from first note to the last, including climax titles such as “Music Life”, or “Santo Domingo”.

Today, Favorite Recordings is deeply honored to officially make this forgotten treasure available again for all. Fully restored and remastered with great attention to sound quality, Music Life by Crystal is presented in a deluxe vinyl replica, and digital versions.

And later this year, more Crystal music can be expected, with the track “Funky Biguine” to be included in the second edition of the French Disco Boogie Sounds compilation series.



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