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  • Cat No: SOVFE001
  • 2021-05-12

リプレス!Soichi Terada (寺田創一)氏とのパートナーシップでお馴染みのSHINICHIRO YOKOTA(横田信一郎)のソロ音源にスポットを当てたコンピレーションがSOUND OF VASTからリリース!

Sound Of Vastのレーベル5周年記念の12インチで、THE MOLEとのスプリットリリースに続いてSHINICHIRO YOKOTAのコンピレショーン。SIDE-A/Bは90年代や00年代の曲中心に、SIDE-C, Dは「 5 Years Anniversary Series 02」に収録された「I Know You Like It」のダビーな別テイクをはじめ、ここ数年の制作の新録音源を収録。ラストは15年ぶりとなるSoichi Teradaとの共同プロデュースの新曲!ハウスの初期衝動、ディスコ、ヒップホップ、ゲームミュージック、民謡、童謡、ニューエイジ等などのエッセンスも入り混じった初期作品群に、オルードスクールと今らしいテクニック、今の感覚に絶妙にフィットする近作ともに推薦。 (サイトウ)

The Sound Of Vast imprint offers up a retrospective collection of cuts from Shinichiro Yokota this October, entitled ‘Ultimate Yokota 1991-2019’.

The twelve-track ‘Ultimate Yokota 1991-2019’ collection traverses through Yokota’s emotive and playful house sounds, employing infectious synth hooks, analogue drums, soulful vocals and an underlying positive energy throughout. Here we take the initiative to shine a light on one of Japan’s unsung heroes of House for those who may be unfamiliar with his impressive back catalogue, the compilation will be hitting shelves from the 21st October 2019.

Shinichiro Yokota: “In the late 80s my obsession towards House music began and the biggest influence I had was through Soichi Terada. I went to his house almost every week, and watched him perform his magic with synthesizers, samplers, and sequencers. I soon learned how to use them as well and started producing a variety of tracks. Many of the tracks produced during this time were released on CD or vinyl through ‘Far East Recording’. This project ‘Ultimate Yokota’ is a careful selection of tracks from the early 90’s which haven’t been released on vinyl ever. It is my 30 years chronicle. ‘TOKYO 018’ is a track Soichi and myself collaborated on for the first time in 15 years. Not the tracks on this record is produced with Soichi but it’s safe to say that all my tracks have been influenced by and ‘created’ together with him.

Soichi Terada: ‘’Amongst the 90’s Japanese house music that’s been re-evaluated in recent years, many people are highly recognizing “Do It Again”. One thing that comes to my mind which I contribute to this song’s producer, Shinichiro Yokota, is the excitement and cheers of the audience when I perform it in my live show. With just 7 notes of refrain making the dance floor really pop up. Thanks to that I had the opportunity to do over 120 live shows in various European cities. Many people mistakenly think “Do It Again” is Soichi Terada’s work because of the wrong credits on YouTube, but at least those of you who love this record will be reaffirming the beautiful sound that Shinichiro Yokota is creating. And Shinichiro Yokota, you “Did It Again”! That’s what you are feeling.’’

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