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Ain’t Nobody

  • Cat No: ISLE007
  • 2023-08-04


12inch ---- JPY

レフトフィールド・ディスコA級ネタの再発を続ける〈ISLE OF JURA 〉から80s UK LOVERS ROCK、チャカ・カーンの名曲レゲエ・カバーの再発!

鉄板セレクトで名高いSOUL JAZZ SOUNDSYSTEMコンパイルのUK LOVERS ROCKのコンピにも収録されていた「Ain’t Nobody」のカバー。当時のシングルB-SIDE「Checking Out The Way I Feel」もゆるくて最高、「Ain’t Nobody」のJURA SOUNDSYSTEMによるEDIT & DUBの2 VERSIONSを収録して12インチ再発。パーフェクト。 (サイトウ)

The next official reissue oozes the feelgood factor, a reggae disco cover of ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Jamaican artist Yvonne Archer. For the first time since the original release in 1980 the full length original 12” mix gets the reissue treatment along with the Lovers Rock leaning ‘Checking Out The Way I Feel’.

On the flip Jura Soundsystem provide 2 edits, a main edit that pulls back on the electric guitar from the original and a Dub adding subtle delays and sparse use of the Vocal to let the groove work its magic. This is the first of two 12”s licensed from producer John Rubie that will appear on Isle Of Jura in 2020.

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