• 12inch

10.000 Hours

  • Cat No: TOYT122
  • 2022-01-18


12inch1590 JPY

ミュンヘンを拠点にパーティーベースの音楽をアウトプットするドイツのハウス・レーベル〈TOY TONICS〉からMATTHIAS REILING(GIEGLING)とHAUKE FREER(XR)、SESSION VICTIMがシングルリリース。

DELUSIONS OF GRANDEURたRETREATでリリースを重ねてきた信頼のSESSION VICTIMがMUNK & KAPOTEのTOY TONICSのレーベルから新作リリース!うなるベースライン、走ったリズムで疾走するパーティーチューン「Chunky Dip」、サンプリングベースのレアグルーヴ・エッセンス、ダビーファンク、アコースティック・ギターのループをメインに構築した「Hide And Seek」(sample3)あたりも長く愛されそうな曲。「House In The Hills」はパンデミック前からJamie Lloydと共作して制作された曲。 (サイトウ)

Lets hear the German duo explain this record themselves:

This is an EP with four very different tracks and we really mean all of them. None here feels like everybody’s darling but they all do make us feel something, and that is what we strife for, always. The tracks have all been made by just the two of us completely being in the zone, except for House In The Hills, that started as a wonderful jam at our friend Tx‘s place in late 2019, together with him and Jamie Lloyd. We basically hung out for two days straight with nothing but the best people, great food and all the music - happy days as one might guess.

The Toy Tonics crew has been in touch ever since we remixed a song for Kapote, and the idea of doing an EP together had and been tossed around for a while already. We’ve been digging their musical approach all along and we’re happy to get the chance to contribute a small piece to their story. When the pandemic hit, we were fortunate to have our friend Iron Curtis letting us move into his studio, as we had just lost our beloved place in Hamburg - so guess what we did for the most part of 2020? Exactly. We have always been spending most of our time together cooking beats, but probably never as much as over the last year. So has it been 10.000 hours by now? We don’t know but we’re certainly working on it.

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