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VARIOUS Frequencies From The Edge Of The Tektonic Plate

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バンクーバーを拠点に、昨年〈ECHOVOLT〉が再発したPILGRIMS OF THE MINDや、DREAMLOGICやWEEDといった名義で名門INTERCHILL等に音源を残し、現在ブカレストで暮らしているDAN & CRISTINA HANDRABURが、H、ELLA等の名義でこのコンピレーションの核となっています。PILGRIMS OF THE MINDやDREAMLOGIC等のレコードは中古市場でも軒並みプレミアがついたりしています。90sテクノ・サイケデリック、ディープサイド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Thcod – Neurospora Isolatessample
A2.H / Erra – Injektorsample
B1.H / Stellar Sofa – Will I Dreamsample
B2.Disturbik / H / Tripswitch – Sensor Eodsample
C1.H / Erra – Timekompresssample
C2.H – Which Way To Foreversample
D1.Stellar Sofa / H – Aetheriussample

It’s a first-time vinyl pressing of a wicked CD released in Vancouver, Canada in 1993, it’s a collective effort to highlight the sound of a persistent chillout-area dance music.

The people behind the recording were centered around Dan & Cristina Handrabur, a Romanian couple, nowadays living in the countryside to the north of Bucharest

The sound of the record is an echo of the vibe of World, a small after hours club in Vancuver, that would give birth to a small group of devoted producers like Dreamlogic, Pilgrims of the Mind, Adham Shaikh, the late Phil Western who in turn were responsible for a handful of idiosyncratic records that became quite sought-after.

This record is a time capsule of the head space the artists were in at the time. The record was remastered and cut from DATs by Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering.

Brutaż threw 300 parties all around Poland & Berlin over the course of last 8 years and now it’s just a label. It’s a Resident Advisor label of the Month (May 2018).



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