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Amen To The Lonely

  • Cat No: LT032
  • 2017-09-27


12inch ---- JPY


レイヴ~ハードコア/ジャングルからアートコアへと至る92~94あたりの MOVING SHADOW, 2BAD MICEやOMNI TRIOを彷彿させるアーメン・ブレイク使いのドリーミージャングルで幕開け、LOBSTER THEREMINらしいRAWなハウス・トラック「See Yourself」、オールドスクール・アシッド「Tape Rock」「White Monk」。 (サイトウ)

Slacker aka Sam Black's works have been simmering away online for a while now, creating a fair bit of buzz centred around his knack for choppy breaks, crunchy acid and rough production edges. Amen To The Lonely finally sees the young Brighton producer step out of the simulation and present four raw heaters from the HD.

Amen To The Lonely is a tender masterpiece of jungle/DnB. Recalling the endless euphoria of early Bukem, Peshay and Good Looking Records, tinted with softened edges of late night melancholy. A heartbreaking anthem and a blistering yet mature production for such a burgeoning producer.

See Yourself goes out on a hyper-crunched up tip. Mulching and scrunching distorted drum patterns with blasts of digitally-distorted noise. It all collides over a blasted vocal and provides an interesting template for unashamedly digital production tropes combined with a gentle air of analogue warmth.

Clattering breaks, scuppered acid and rolling vocal loops underpin the slow-flowing grooves of Tape Rock. Glistening glass reflections shimmering onto the retinas of a hazed individual, making for a proper easy afternoon jam and kaleidoscopic brain filtration experience.

Rounding out the EP is White Monk. Stepped toms, thumpin' kicks and cricket-call acid lines nibbling away at the floating carpet of pads. It's a soft landing and a cool evening breeze rolling through the club doors in the early hours. One for the lonely dancers.

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