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Night Walker / Death Waltz

  • Cat No: KCR12008lp
  • 2022-11-08


LP3790 JPY

注目のシネマティック・サイケデリック・ジャズファンク楽団の、2016年当時デジタルとカセットテープのみのリリースだった傑作EP2タイトルをまとめて〈KARMA CHIEF RECORDS/COLEMINE RECORDS〉から、LPでリリースです!

作曲家Seth Applebaum率いるブルックリン拠点の総勢約9名のバンドGHOST FUNK ORCHESTRA。リバーブの洪水、サーフなギター、ラテン風パーカッション、変拍子、スペイン語の女性ボーカル、ジャズ/プログレなど、当時Sethが最も敬愛するあらゆるサウンドの要素を集約。KHRUANGBINから坂本慎太郎ファンまで知っておいていただきたいバンドです。大注目。Doug Krebsによるリマスタリングでより輪郭が鮮やかに。 (AYAM)

Back in 2016, producer Seth Applebaum released two EPs that marked the inauguration of the band Ghost Funk Orchestra. ‘Night Walker’ and ‘Death Waltz’ were conceived as one-man-band, reel-to-reel tape recorded experiments that would bring together elements of all the sounds that Seth most adored at the time: tape-saturated drums, gratuitous spring reverb, surfy guitar, Latin-style percussion, odd time signatures, and Spanish-language female vocals. Initially released only in the digital domain and on a short run of cassette tapes, these two EPs that defined the early era of GFO are now finally available together on a single LP via Colemine Records. The tracks have been lovingly remastered by Doug Krebs. We invite you to take a dive into the humble beginnings of a project that has continued to grow, shape shift, and accrue new and exciting sounds for its sonic palette.

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